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Our Service

Focusing 100% on our clients marketing goals,

we provide to app developers and marketing managers, programmatic solutions for brand awareness and user acquisition.

Our value as a partner will be noticed in your smile because your satisfaction is our success.


Our Story

Once upon a time... :)​ We were eager to use mobile as the most advanced and personal advertising platform and reach customers with valuable and unique content.

Established in 2016, Lambadapp developed an engagement learning platform that provides a holistic solution for brand awareness and user acquisition.

Placing your audience as your success key asset, we support your user's experience and expose them to targeted products and services that can fit their profile and completes their customer behavior.

Thanks to our innovative and tech driven monetisation approach, we are helping companies grow their mobile business and drive app developers to accurate and targeted inventory that connects them with engaged and valuable users around the world.

Our mission is to provide an end to end marketing partnership and longing to brace our clients products and marketing goals.

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