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Targeting Your Audiance

We identify your users based on their behaviour and reach them through personalized message across every device.

With data-driven insights, you’ll enjoy proven engagement and a positive ROI.


Accelerate your brand with highly viewable engagements driven by unique and costumized in app supply. 

We will assit you to acquire your most valuable users through data driven mobile targeting, utilizing machine learning at big data scale that enables you to enhance your brand strategy, gain superior performance, maximize the value of your invesment and achieving your marketing goals and KPI's.


Gain access to top tier publishers through variety of video ad formats across screens and increase the performance of your video campaigns thanks to our innovative targeting abilities that enhance your brand strategy and maximize the value of your investment.

We support you

We fully comply with all major industry standards integrations: S2S, HTML5 (JS) VAST/VPAID ,FLASH VAST/VPAID tags and a verity of images and video ad formats.

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